Detox - Publicly Funded

Detox - Publicly Funded

Public treatment centres as compared to celebrity centres are dirty and depressing but one must keep in mind they have been helping gateway to thousands of patients. Thousands have turned their lives to new beginning.

Target for these facilities is poor people, with extremely low incomes; lack of quality health insurance or for any reason can’t afford to pay for addiction treatment. Addiction Rehab in Unites states is divided into two systems opposite to each other but with a single motive of recovery for patients.

1.    Wealthy & Insured American People Rehab

2.    Poor & uninsured American People Rehab


For Wealthy & Insured American People Rehab – It’s clean, full of fun, luxuries rehab with seaside facing vacation destination. On the other side for poor & uninsured Americans depend on government gives them, there is no much choice, and practically it’s not too much to count.


Extremely poor addicts can get treatment in one of several ways. From past experiences many of them are aware how to find the hospital detox units. Rare ones go to city’s hot dope corners and threaten to commit suicide and it surely helps them to get a bed. We all know number of addiction cases increasing and justice system sends these drug users to treatment programs.

After you enter the program you go through series of questions known as Addiction Severity Index, assessment tool above all. Final conclusion determines the course of action and type of treatment.  Evaluator with all stringent guidelines informs the state, who gets what treatment, how much public funding to be released for your treatment. But your need and what state willing pay can also vary, this condition & situation can shuffle the patient to less inpatient days or a cheaper outpatient rehab or methadone clinic

Unfortunately the situation is getting worst day by day many states and cities are cutting short on the budgets of addiction treatment programs. We can help you list the benefits and drawbacks of these treatment options.

What are the Benefits?

The two main benefits we can see for state funded programs

Cost- Many of the Programs are available free of cost. The therapies, procedures, as compared to private pay may not be up to day and facility will also be in bad shape inside as we read above. We all say some help is always better than no Help.

Care- We have many drawbacks to count on these facilities but always remember the specialists working in these centres know what they are doing. With all worst conditions in the facilities thousands of patients do recover and we feel is because of the specialists working in state sponsored program.


What are the Drawbacks?


Waiting list – Addiction is serious issue and isolates the addicts from the family & friend’s. As per the case studies from past data, addicts do not seek any help until they are broke, no money left and start facing serious physical problems, and at this stage when addicts is self motivated to get help, should get help makes recovery chances more. But the state funded programs normally have six months waiting list. Now you can relate very well how it goes against what is needed.


Revolving Door-  Limited funds and limited capacity are not hidden from the patients in it, this makes many patients feel that they will be released from the rehab without completion of their treatment and they do not take the program very seriously, they believe over the rehab attending is lost forever.

Out of date techniques – After going through all explanation we have understood that these facilities are limited on resources, lack of funds, facilities are dirty looking. This is no surprise that these facilities are still based on treatment techniques which are there since decades. The facilities cannot afford to upgrade it. We are not saying old techniques do not work but they may not be very effective as compared to a new upgraded one.

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