Inpatient - Private Pay

Inpatient - Private Pay

Anyone can get into temptation of drugs and its abuse, and we know drugs are harmful. Nature of drugs and its addiction can take anyone towards depression and low sprits. Such situation needs outside help to come out of addiction.

Inpatient private rehab gives you focused, dedicated care, regular monitoring, up to date treatment techniques and secluded environment for addict patients to focus only & only on recovery and fight strongly with the issues inside them and get rid of addiction. We also call them private room rehabs which mean every patient gets their own private room instead of sharing with other patients.

Choosing right rehab brings lots & lots of questions in every Individuals mind about the rehab facilities. We strongly suggest to people rehab treatment is an expensive affair and one must educate them self before getting into a treatment centre.

If you are looking for drug treatment center or alcohol treatment center, you are most likely looking forward to know the cost of the treatment. We will help you understand the cost factor as it depends on many things involved. Cost ...

  • Depends on the location of the facility
  • Depends on treatment therapies and Programs it offer
  • Depends on amenities and services involved

Always understand Luxury rehab cost much more than any standard treatment programs offered by city or state in public funded facilities. Luxury itself means cost, you get highly qualified dedicated staff round the clock, best of amenities, and you feel like being on vacations. Now if you want luxury rehab, Ultra-Luxury rehab, or standard facility that is also staffed with qualified medical professionals. You will for sure find the right location within your budget. We have many options available throughout the network.

We would like to share some more information on:

  • Ultra-Luxury Treatment Program
  • Luxury Treatment Program
  • Standard Treatment Program
  • Low-Cost and Free Drug Treatment Programs

Ultra-Luxury Treatment Program

Ultra- Luxury is self explaining about its cost, the most expensive rehab treatment facilities are for those who are extremely rich, who are used to High-end Luxurious life style, high- profile people like celebs, politicians, national athletes, business professionals. These high profile people want to recover from addiction but without giving their living luxuries. Ultra luxury rehab is focused on provided extremely confidential settings and definitely very beautiful inside. List of some of the features they are include massage therapists, nail technicians, aestheticians, personal assistants, personal trainers, private nurses, nannies and gourmet chefs with their staff. Multiple workout rooms, saunas available, Limousine transportation and many other luxuries. Ultra-Luxury rehab is focused on making stay comfortable beyond expectations. Not only that you have options of customizing your packages with some special needs whiles on treatment which can increase cost. Ultra-luxury treatment is the most expensive, average cost is normally between 20 grand to 80 grand monthly.


Luxury Treatment Program

There is no much difference between the two Ultra-Luxury & Luxury treatment facilities, they have more or less same high-end amenities, top edge techniques, a bit of difference in cost we can say 10 to 15% lesser than a Ultra-Luxury treatment.


Standard Treatment Program

As compared to Luxury treatment the cost is way less in standard treatment program, however we will say it’s expensive but lesser expensive. The prime focus of these facilities is on treatment and recovery, it does not mean they have no luxury; they are less focused on luxuries.

  • Patients May have access to Swimming Pool
  • Gyms with in facility
  • Comfortable Bed and separate room
  • Television, separate bathroom
  • Access to laptop, computer
  • All time care and assistance

The cost for standard treatment program is normally between 10 grand to 20 grand monthly, can go a bit up or low depending on some special needs. If someone agrees take room on twin sharing basis the cost can be much lesser. Some of the facilities allow accommodation for children and pets too; it’s good for single parents or parents with younger children. You will find standard treatment center in both categories Inpatient or outpatient center. You can find variety of addition services in standard treatment rehab like massage therapy, daily Yoga, etc but with some extra cost.

Low-Cost and Free Drug Treatment Programs

Let’s give good news to people who looking forward to get treatment but they have less money. Let’s understand all our options available when you have some crises on Money.

First Option – Finding facilities accepting Private Insurance. Good news is more & more rehab centres have started accepted the Private insurance for treatment. Increasing number of rehab accepting private insurance is making treatment easy for common people. It’s important to understand some parts may be accepted under treatment and some may not be covered, so partially you end up paying some from pocket but releases your burden a lot. Psychological counselling drug detoxification, withdrawal monitoring and treatment are covered. You do have option to ask facility coordinator to put you on a instalment plan, some down payment and rest on Monthly basis.


Local health or social services department – Now let’s talk about no insurance and you are with little savings, some money you can afford to spend on treatment. Don’t worry at all, you can look for local health or social services department; ask them for the available drug treatment program. Some of facilities offer absolute free rehab and some of them check on your income and provide you with subsidy options to get some part covered for free. If you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, you may be able to receive detoxification and recovery treatment at no cost at all.


Support Groups – There are many Church groups, charities and non-profit organizations ready to help & sponsor the addiction treatment for free. They work for Nobel work helping the society and many of these groups offer sober living housing. You can find them nationwide usually these housing programs are free.


If you are looking for help, please feel free to call our experts under no obligation and we will help you find the best options anytime.

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