Holistic Rehab Program

Holistic Rehab Program

As we all know many people are under drug & alcohol abuse and seeking help to recover through traditional treatment programs, such as 12-step facilities. These days Holistic drug recovery program is becoming more popular and many of the well known doctors recommending the same as one of the successful program in treatment of drug & alcohol addiction. Holistic treatment helps patient improve health of mind, body and spirit. This program brings great relief and faster recovery from serious addictions.

Holistic drug treatment procedure

Detoxification of body by use of natural healing techniques or we can say in simple words without use of medications removing toxins from patients body. The natural techniques used in this treatment are likeYoga,acupuncture,meditationNutritional therapyExerciseMassage etc. This treatment heals the patient on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Levels of Treatment

When you search for the Best Holistic Rehab or Traditional Rehab program, there are several factors you should keep into consideration.

  •  Review Treatment Options Available.
  •  Patients with severe drug abuse must receive Inpatient treatment, severe issues patient must reside at the holistic drug treatment center for complete detox process.
  •  Partial day programs are also available, by spending half day in Holistic Care.
  •  Staff-to-patient ratio is low in the facility.
  •  Individualized sessions will help patient recover quick.

These are few basic points we shared however choosing the right rehab program is not simple, this is why we are here to help you find the best. Please call our trained, caring advisor under no obligation to get help and free advice on choosing the right holistic program for you.

Why Choose Holistic Treatment Program

There is always a reason behind why people get into drug abuse. Patients are often unaware which area of health they trying cover, is it physical pain or spiritual emptiness. Holistic drug rehab program focuses on all the areas of health mental, physical, and spiritual.

There are Different Holistic programs

Traditional programs or holistic programs they are more or less offer same treatment options. But you may still find some extra benefits. The usual treatment has daily therapy sessions with therapist staff but some of them also provide the opportunity to participate in support groups or group therapy sessions. Most of the Holistic rehab includes:

  •  Natural Mean plans (organic) to recover Physical Health.
  •  Exercises like biking, hiking, mountain climbing, and tracking.
  •  Partial day programs are also available, by spending half day in Holistic Care.
  •  Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual classes.
  •  Involving in Art therapy, Music. Many alternative psychotherapy options are used.

How to choose the best Holistic Drug Rehab Program

Any rehab program, you must think and evaluate before making a choice as its question of your life, time and money you going to spend. We will help you choose the right holistic rehab program with some advisable factors mentioned below:

Treatment Options available

If you choose treatment program with extra benefits and it offers wide range of treatment options as different type of treatments works on different types of people and depends on case to case basis. Several activities are involved in each treatment ask them whether you need all or less. Some of them provide you flexibility to opt out of some medication or non- traditional options, if you are not comfortable.

Length of the program

Just like treatment choices you also have choice on length of the program. You should be fine and recover well with 30-day or 60-day drug rehab program. But some people do better when choose long term rehab treatment. So it’s important to find out that you can begin your journey of recovery with short term program and later extend if required.

Location of Treatment Facility

This factor is most important, you must find out how far is the program, is it convenient for you to travel that far considering all other liabilities you have in life. If you find a Holistic rehab far away from where you are you must compare and find benefits of the facility worth the distance you will travel and its cost.

Cost of the Program

As compared to other rehab programs, holistic program is expensive because this includes high quality organic food and other quality activities with therapies to detox body on natural based treatment. If possible request breakdown stats on the complete cost from the facility. So you can also decide to opt out couple of therapies you may find less interesting.

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