Sober Living Homes and Housing Options

Sober Living Homes and Housing Options

There has been lot of research conducted about sober-living homes and found that addicts who come out of Inpatient facility and directly join back into their normal life carry a great level of relapse chances. But if Sober-living homes are in tagged to their complete treatment bridge the gap and protects them from the possibilities of reverting back to addiction.


Some people also say why not staying longer on Inpatient facility, unfortunately that is not the solution to avoid relapse situation. Because first reason staying over in a Residential care will be an expensive affair and this is not about over stay it’s about the resources you get in sober-living homes. This is also known as half way home, it provides sober environment to the recovered addict in between inpatient and returning home Journey. It provides them environment with more care and peer support. As you have all certified experts and professionals to guide the patient at that stage. And this support is hard to be found at the addict’s home if they return direct after Inpatient treatment. You will find all the sober-living houses specialized in some or the other specific addictions like behavioural addictions such as gambling or sexual compulsion, alcohol addiction, drug addictions like Cocaine,Heroin,Methamphetamine,Meth etc.

Group homes for people who are recovering from addiction problems are also called sober-living homes.

Sober homes residents has to follow certain rules and participate in all activities at home, but they have to stay sober throughout and its one of the major rule to be followed strictly and responsibly. Sober housing helps them how to live independently without the substance abuse and finally return back home.

The sober living homes are privately owned by some charity organizations, they are located away from the loudness of cities, with calm & quiet environment for patients to focus on the goal and stay sober throughout. We cannot compare them withrehab facility, as sober living homes are absolutely different from rehabilitation centres. Sober living homes are run with certain rules and patients are allowed to go to work during the day time and are suppose to return home by a certain time as fixed, there are drug tests conducted on random basis to confirm that they are not back into substance abuse. The residents of sober living homes are independently responsible for whatever they do. Because we all know addiction is an irresponsible act and one must learn to be responsible to stay sober after treatment. The sober homes are run by group of people who often pay their part of rent and other expenses, just like we live in a regular life or home.

What Rules - Sober Living Homes?

First rule BIG NO to DRUGS.

When we say what rules are followed in sober living homes, different facilities have different rules. There is no exact pattern followed by them. All residents who recently recovered and completed their Inpatient treatment accept and agree to all set rules. Also in case of breaking the rules definitely carry some sort of penalty, punishments or consequences. These punishments can be simple or they may have to leave the home.


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