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Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos

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Addiction is a strange and insidious process. Every person affected by addiction will adjust his or her life and relationships around the addictive process. Whether the primary addict or the person who loves one, we all make allowances for the increased demands for time, attention, money and identity. Accordingly, the recovery process is more complicated than eliminating access to the substance. There are mindsets and distortions that need to be explored. These discoveries allow for the reconnection with our authentic self. We simply must develop trusting relationships that can support long-term recovery.

Addiction recovery is both a challenging experience and an extraordinary opportunity. Addiction treatment ideally creates a container for exploration and skill development within an organized and predictable experience. Throughout the Shadow Mountain Recovery continuum we strive to provide some consistent standards for recovery.

At each of our facilities (and at every level of care), we provide a treatment container that is appropriate for the individualized needs of our clients and their families. This is evident within our clinical programming which focuses on “attachment” (the relationship with oneself and others) and education about the disease of addiction, including consequences. This treatment model reduces distractions and supports a non-threatening exploration of family systems, thinking errors and the fear-based relationship structures that fuel addictive cycles.

Within the Shadow Mountain Recovery continuum, we provide a therapeutic culture that is driven by recovery principles and facilitated by our staff. We value the personal recovery experience of our employees and have created a treatment culture that provides individualized clinical care at the center of a recovery-oriented and experiential treatment environment.

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