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Intervention Service

Intervention Service

Intervention Service

The service is focused to help the family of the addict to convince the addict to understand the damage addiction is causing and how seriously he/she needs the outside help in order to treat the addiction.

The study has found that most of the individuals think that they can easily recover from the addiction of their own, and the addicts thinks they will make the final call when the right time comes. But this is often not the truth its absolute unrealistic expectation. The addict continues in the trap of drugs, alcohol or other abusive substances. They make promises to stay sober and often break. If you want to save your loved ones intervention service may be necessary and helpful.

The primary need of an addict is when to get high and high again. In some cases behavioural disorder, mental disorders or eating disorders may end the life of an addict. It is advisable seriously to seek help from intervention service before its too late and addiction is at worst stage.

Intervention service is like a thin line between life & death. The guidance of an outside professional may stand as the best chance of success.


When every attempt fails people seek help from Interventionist. Addict often deny that he/she is addict, they always claim there is no problem and there is no need of help. Convincing an addict to start treatment is not an easy task but get effective help you need intervention services.

  • Interventionists are experts in addressing the addiction with the addict and his family to convince the individual to accept the treatment.
  • The also run an organized & tricky navigation intervention in case of defensive or violent response from the addict.
  • Interventionist's assesses the addiction and surrounding environmental circumstances causing addiction.
  • Analyse the whole case based of given information.
  • For an effective intervention, new strategies are designed.


In general people close to the addict can attend the intervention like family, spouse, close friend, partner or even work colleagues can be a good choice for a potential team for interventionist. Even children of appropriate age and maturity of understanding the situation can be part of it.

Families of addict can also hold their intervention in some good location such as church or a healthcare centre. Intervention is done with various techniques like team members will read out loudly the letter prepared beforehand about how the addicted individual has been hurting them because of addiction.


Many times we have seen addicted person cant keep up their job well. The intervention will be done with boss of a coworked who will show all the effects of addiction on individual by pointing out his/her addiction issues of missing work, coming late to office.

Types of Intervention

There are many different options to interventions and it's important to select one that you feel is most effective. A professional interventionist can help you with this process. 

The main types of interventions include:

  • The Johnson Model.
  • The Systemic Model.
  • The ARISE (A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement) Model.

The Johnson Model

This involves family and friends confronting the addicted individual about the issues their addiction is causing. The team members of intervention stick to support the addict fully for the recovery. Should the addict choose not to undergo treatment, this may lead to hard side and which may include no further housing or money. Enforcing the consequences is needed just in case addict does not want to get treatment.

This model may not work for everyone, in some cases addicts show aggressive behaviour as they feel shame and anger for being confronted like this

The Systemic Model

This is for people who did not respond very well when being confronted by family. The interventionist will take the addict through several meeting with other family members to let the addict know how the addiction is affecting them and everyone life including addicts. This is more like discussion meetings. This process may go on for few months. Counselling service in rehab may also become part of it.

The ARISE (A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement) Model

Every intervention aims to get the addict agree for treatment and this does the same. This goes step by step through three stages.

  • Firstly Call from loved one to specially trained ARISE interventionist
  • Second addicts three to five meetings with support network and interventionist.
  • Third is actual ARISE intervention however addict can accept treatment anytime before as well.

There are several other interventions different than the specific model, Please feel free to call us to find the best option for your loved ones.