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Four stages of Addiction

Posted Oct-03-2016 In , by Piyush Bhateja

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Addiction of alcohol and other drugs is a similar usualness, four stages of addiction is explorations about the use was it social, regular, problem or risky. Let’s understand more about the four stages of addiction.

Stage 1: Drug Experimentation

Experimentation use of Drug, alcohol or good mood revamp is defined as Drug experimentation. If on & off experimentation done it cannot be considered abusive, but remember onetime use Drug, alcohol can cause big damage to self or others around. Let’s understand this in simple example experimental use of Drug or alcohol by pregnant women can cause serious harm to the fetus, or when you driving and experimental use can cause serious harm to you or people around. Big words experimental use is always the gateway of developing abuse.

Stage 2: Social Use - Regular Use

When you use drug or consumer alcohol in some social situation or for any social reason is defined as social use. Social use also further opens the gateway to addictions. Social use takes you further to elevated use. Also People who are keeping themselves lonely or isolate them socially has bigger chances of moving from experimental use to regular use and form addiction.


Stage 3: Problem Use - Risky Use

Blind drinking or Binge drinking is other name of problem use or risky use.

Blind drinking or Binge drinking - Causes behavioural consequences, Binge drinking is like heavy use of drug or alcohol repeatedly. You may cause physical harm to yourself or other. For example heavy use of drug or alcohol being pregnant, Binge drinking mostly causes violence,  as per NHSDA, drinking 4 to 5 drinks at same time once is 30days is binge drinking.

Stage 4: Addiction - Chemical Dependency

Regular use whether Experimentation, Social or Binge use leads a person to addiction. Addiction in chemical explanation is abusive substance hijacked the person & made changes to your body, mind, behaviour.  At this stage when you are addicted you have no control on use of substance. Its chronic and relapsing disease, which progresses slowly and recovery is hard.  

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